• background

    During 2012 to 2015, investments were made along the Pentäsjoki water area from Neistenkangas to Pentäsjärvi.

    A summer and winter trail has been built from Neistenkangas to Pentäsjärvi, approx. 50 km long. Along the trail, 12 barbecue huts, outdoor sheds and woodsheds, as well as two rental cabins for six people each, have been built. This enables year-round activities for the local population as well as for visitors.

    To further describe the efforts made, the entire water area has become a fisheries conservation area where major efforts were carried out to raise the water quality and secure the biological diversity where the trout and grayling stock was an important part.

  • project plan 2016-2024

    Land preparation of the trail is done by mechanically removing irregularities, stones, stumps to extend the seasons. At the same time, drums are built in smaller ditches, bridges over larger ditches and tributaries. In the future, weeding is carried out on bog areas, partly to extend the winter season and to enable more activities during the bare ground season.

    A service cabin has been erected to enable maintenance of the trail and buildings during all seasons.

    Supplementary signage and information boards are set up at strategic locations along the trail.

    Website with address or is produced for comprehensive information about the Pentäsjoki fishing and recreation area.

    The road to Aartojärvi overnight stay is being improved in collaboration with Svea Forest and Pajala municipaility. This consists of a stretch from Olkamangi, the so-called Nuolivaaravägen, comprising six km. The remaining road section of 2.7 km is being renovated through ditch cleaning, drum replacement, bearing layer gravel, wear layer gravel as part of the project.

    At the end of the project, information meetings are held in the affected villages.